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Pre-authorized Payments

Track your
pre-authorized payments through our CIBC CreditSmart Features.

Set up pre-authorized payments and spend less time paying your bills

It’s easy, convenient and rewarding too.

Use your CIBC Credit Card to pay your regular bills automatically. It only takes a few minutes to set up and, once you’re done, you won’t have to worry about juggling due dates, writing multiple cheques, buying stamps or visiting a mailbox again.

If you have received a new CIBC Credit Card that is replacing another CIBC Credit Card, and you or your authorized user(s) set up pre-authorized payments on the CIBC Credit Card that is being replaced, you must advise the merchant(s) of your new CIBC Credit Card number and expiry date in order to continue having your bills charged automatically.

Just follow these simple steps

1. Find your merchant: Use our easy-to-search directory to find the merchant you’d like to set up new, or update existing, pre-authorized payments with. You can search by province, industry or alphabetically.

2. Contact your merchant by phone or online: Let them know you’d like to have your bill automatically charged to your new CIBC Credit Card. Please have your new credit card information and your customer account number for that merchant available.

3. Follow up on your payments: Ensure your information is updated by keeping track of all your recurring charges on your CIBC Credit Card statement through CIBC CreditSmart®1 online or in the mail.

Whether you are signing up for pre-authorized payments for the first time, or providing your new CIBC Credit Card information to a merchant, our goal is to help you manage your bill payments in a simple and organized way. Paying bills doesn’t get easier than this!

Featured merchants

Here are some of the most requested merchants that accept pre-authorized payments.
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Telecom Health, Diet and Fitness Newspapers Charities
Rogers Extreme Fitness The Star World Vision Canada
Bell Mobility Mayfair Clubs Montreal Gazette Hospital for Sick Children Foundation
Telus LA Fitness The Globe
and Mail
WWF Canada